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Thursday, 30 September 2010


After almost ten years since their last album Golden State, Bush made their triumphant return at the Epicenter Festival (sponsored by Monster Energy Drink) at the California Speedway in Southern California. The two day event had an estimated attendance of 80,000 music fans who braved the 100+ degree heat. The band is working on their new record Everything Always Now targeted for an early 2011 release. The band came out swinging, opening up their set with “Machinehead”, then playing hit after hit for their fans! We have photo’s from their set, plus an exclusive interview with the lead guitarist of Bush, Chris Traynor. You can check out more about the band and Chris at bushofficial.com.

Tell us about the writing and recording of the new record Everything Always Now?
It’s the second record in a row that Gavin and I have have made with Bob Rock, so there was a real comfortable vibe about it. Gavin wrote most of the tunes by himself and got them up and running with Bob, then I came in and laid down my guitar lines. I wanted to take a fresh approach and not have any preconceived notions about what this record should sound like, so I didn’t listen to any of the tunes until I got into the studio to record my tracks. Most of the guitar parts that you hear are my first or second takes, and I think there’s a real freshness and unforced vibe about them.

You’ve played in Orange 9mm and Helmet, did any of those styles come into play with Bush?
I wouldn’t think so in a direct way, other than maybe my sense of timing. Obviously that’s part of my history and development as a guitar player, but those bands were so specific to a genre and sound that it would be awkward to try to force that into the Bush vocabulary.

You use the 2mm Gator grip pick, what drew you to using such a thick pick?
I love the Gator grips. I actually started using heavy picks in Helmet. Page had a bunch of picks he didn’t want and they were 1.5mm if I remember correctly. I just got used to the fat tone that heavier picks provide and never looked back, it’s what feels right to me.

The band just played it’s first show in years. The gig was also your first gig as a member of Bush. How was the experience?
Actually, I toured for 1 year with the original Bush lineup on the Golden State tour in 2002. I’ve been working with Gavin since then, so it feels totally natural for me to look to my left and see him there. I walked to the stage with my family and friends and was greeted by a bunch of hardcore Bush fans backstage and front and center holding up Bush posters. I started playing the opening riff to Machinehead and we were off and running. I just felt so confident knowing the set was stacked with so many classic songs. It’s going to be awesome to be able to bring this material to the Bush fans who have been waiting the better part of a decade to see it performed live again.


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