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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Gavin Rossdale Twitter

.@wunsworth fun down there right...
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.NOT my ride http://twitpic.com/20mbca
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.@adamsmadams thankyou-yes they're beautiful and nuts.
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.@JanelleW4 thankyou!!! X
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.@amandaandeyes enjoy your crack x
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.Chicago baby. http://twitpic.com/20l3r6
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.@bespokeyoga way to go
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.Question-will the england team get a heroes welcome at heathrow? Answers please...
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.@aplusk oh man,england suck-imagine how hollow I feel. G
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.@LauraMGray just went to mca-less calder more prince for me
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.Sweeeeeeetski http://twitpic.com/20iki1
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.Sweet http://twitpic.com/20ikc4
about 10 hours ago via Twitpic .Art in chicago http://twitpic.com/20idbk about 10 hours ago via Twitpic
.Ooh scary!! http://twitpic.com/20i1o7
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.Peanut butter cup anyone? http://twitpic.com/20hsh2
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.@MikeyWaysBass how's that crack you're smoking?
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.And my room service waitress is german-perfect
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.@CT3GUITAR we are shitola-
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.Germany 4-england schoolboys 1
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.Disgraceful defending-we deserve this
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.Thank flip joe cole is on
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.Our defence are pants
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.Come on englanD----second half let's make it right
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.@jennywittman thx -it was fun tonight-chicago is great
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Saturday, 26 June 2010
@stsGRfan soon come...
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.Yikes http://twitpic.com/208gz3
11:32 PM Jun 26th via Twitpic .@thonentra thx!!keep requesting!!!!! Big love at ya
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.@CT3GUITAR I'm starving-let's hit up some food stalls after soundcheck..or during.....
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.@tlk28 sure.
6:56 AM Jun 26th via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to tlk28

Gavin Rossdale & Gwen Stefani's Concert Cuties

Rock on! Gavin Rossdale performed with his band Bush at this year's 30th anniversary of the Taste of Chicago in the Windy City on Saturday (June 26).

Gavin's family - including wife Gwen Stefani, their sons Kingston, 4, and Zuma, 1 1/2 - along with the nannies watched from backstage.

The boys wore protective ear gear while dad rocked with his band. Kingston played with a slinky while Zuma had a few tears during the performance.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Gavin Rossdale on Twitter

Finally got to chicago....it's stella o'clock
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@KendaPerez absolutely!! Live it up
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Total dude-- http://twitpic.com/1zw82m
about 8 hours ago via Twitpic .RT @AceNichols33:

Have a good trip! & thank you for last night! Awesome show G! RT @GavinRossdale Off to chicago-thx everyone for last n ...
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Bye bye cali http://twitpic.com/1zvldl
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Manhattan beach you are beautiful
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Off to chicago-thx everyone for last night in hermosa.
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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Gavin Rossdale of BUSH 98.7 web chat

Gavin Rossdale announces Bush reunion

HollywoodNews.com: Earlier this week we reported that Bush was going to be one of the artists joining headliners Eminem, Blink-182, and KISS at the Epicenter Twenty Ten concert.

However, Gavin Rossdale has officially gone on the Los Angeles radio station, KROQ, to announce that Bush is returning to the front line in 2010. Their show at the Epicenter weekend will be the first live show in eight years.

Also in the fall, the first new studio album in nine years from Bush will be released on Interscope titled, “Everything Always Now.” The new album was produced by Bob Rock, who also produced Gavin’s 2008 solo debut, Wanderlust which spawned the crossover hit single, “Love Remains the Same” (and whose credits include seminal work with Metallica, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, and more).

It all came full circle for Bush when Gavin previewed “Afterlife,” the first single pick from “Everything Always Now,” during the KROQ interview. KROQ launched Bush’s career on the Rock charts in late-1994, with their debut hit single, “Everything Zen,” from their 6-times RIAA platinum debut album Sixteen Stone. It was the maiden voyage of the British band that emerged two years earlier from Shepherd’s Bush and went on to more than 16-times platinum cumulative album sales in the U.S. and Canada alone: Razorblade Suitcase (1996), Deconstructed (1997), The Science of Things (1999), and Golden State (2001).

Over the same period, Bush compiled an amazing string of 14 consecutive Top 40 hit singles on the Billboard Modern Rock and Mainstream Rock charts, including ten that hit the Top 5. Four of these became #1 hits that forever define the decade of the ’90s: “Comedown” (1995), “Glycerine” (1995), “Swallowed” (1996), and “The Chemicals Between Us” (1999).

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Bush to Reunite in September for California Fest

Blink-182, Eminem, and Kiss are set to headline the Fontana, California, music festival Epicenter Twenty Ten on September 25 and 26.

Cool, right? But perhaps the biggest surprise of the festival is found further down the bill: '90s scrunge rockers Bush will reunite for their first show in nearly a decade.

It's part of a bigger reemergence for the band, too: Frontman Gavin Rossdale stopped by KROQ in Los Angeles on Monday and premiered the group's first song since 2001, "Afterlife" -- a pulsing, uptempo grunge-y song dripping with classic '90s Bush sound. It's off their new album, Everything Always Now, due in October. Listen here.

After forming in London in 1992, the December 1996 SPIN-cover boys rose to fame in the mid '90s with their debut album, Sixteen Stone, featuring the Top 40 singles "Everything Zen," "Comedown," and "Glycerine." The group -- recently dubbed in the pages of SPIN as the "ultimate scrunge band" -- went on to record three more studio records before their breakup in early 2002.

Since Bush's demise, Rossdale, 44, who is the husband of No Doubt's Gwen Stefani, released an album with a new band called Institute in 2005, and a solo album, Wanderlust in 2008.

Epicenter will also feature performances by Rise Against, Papa Roach, Bad Religion, Thirty Seconds to Mars, B.o.B., and many more. Tickets go on sale Saturday, June 26, at 10 A.M. PST. Visit the fest's official site for more information.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Gavin Rossdale At Larry King's Telethon

the CNN building in Hollywood for an appearance on the ‘Larry King Live’ Gulf oil spill telethon the other evening. The singer signed autographs for fans, though some apparently weren’t familiar with him, calling out the name “Kevin” to get his attention. Watch Hollywood.tv footage via YouTube below.

Larry King Telethon Raises 1.8 million For The Gulf Coast

BUSH frontman-Gavin Rossdale outside the "Larry King Live" studios in Hollywood after taking part in the Gulf Telethon.

World Premiere: New Music From Bush – Gavin Rossdale Visits KROQ

As you may have heard, KROQ‘s Stryker had a special guest in studio today. He promised someone who we haven’t heard from in quite some time and who has also sold over ten million records.

But of course, Stryker was talking about none other than Gavin Rossdale of the band Bush. Gavin stopped by to World Premiere the first Bush song in 9 years (since 2001’s Golden State), a song titled “Afterlife.” He also talked about how Bush’s first performance since 2002 will be at Epicenter Twenty Ten. There is a “massive excitement” that comes with hearing songs for the first time on the radio Gavin said.

Bush is scheduled to release their new album “Everything Always Now” in October of this year.

Listen to “Afterlife” http://kroq.radio.com/2010/06/21/world-premiere-new-music-from-bush-gavin-rossdale-visits-kroq/

BUSH frontman-Gavin Rossdale participates in "Larry King Live: Disaster in the Gulf" Telethon to help raise money for the oil spill on June 21 in L.A.

Larry King Telethon Raises Over 1.81 Million For Gulf Oil Spill

Celebrities rallied last night for a great cause — Larry King’s telethon to raise money for the devastation caused by the BP oil spill ravaging the U.S. Gulf Coast. Large and small donations flowed as stars celebrities answered phones to help the people of the Gulf suffering from the oil disaster.The two-hour CNN fundraising show raised more than $1.81 million, with proceeds going to three charities deeply involved in the relief efforts to help humans, wildlife and the environment, CNN reports.

“Everyone’s really pissed off,” actress Jenny McCarthy, who was monitoring online messages in the telethon’s “Tweet Suite,” told telethon host Ryan Seacrest during last night’s broadcast

Donors could choose to send their money to the United Way, National Wildlife Federation or The Nature Conservancy.

Actor Ted Danson said it was important for him to “hear people’s emotions, their fear and sadness” when they called in donations.

CNN correspondents reported live from the Gulf Coast during the telethon, interviewing people whose lives have been overturned by the oil disaster.

“The toughest thing I see is losing a way of life that we’ve had down here for generations and generations,” said shrimper Archie Dantin in Pointe a la Hache, Louisiana.

A BP spokesman issued a statement, via CNN, Monday saying the oil company is “proceeding with urgency to make the situation right for the environment and for those who have affected by this tragic event.”

“We stated from the beginning that we accept responsibility for cleaning up the spill and for paying all legitimate claims for those directly impacted financially by this environmental disaster,” BP’s statement said.

The oil giant said over 65,000 claims have been submitted and more than 32,000 payments have been made, totaling more than $107 million.

The Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder feels very connected to the cause — he grew up in Covington, La., where much of the oil is washing onto shore.

The actor said he was moved by George Clooney’s involvement with the Hope for Haiti Now Telethon and asked upon fellow Hollywood friends to help with the Gulf Coast Relief.

Other celebs in attendance included Alyssa Milano, Kathy Griffin, Nicole Richie, Sting, Gavin Rossdale, Chelsea Handler, Ne-Yo, Giuliana Rancic, Pete Wentz and Ke$ha.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Gavin Rossdale and other Celebrities attending a Memorial Day beach party in Malibu, CA.

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